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 ====== Bugs ====== ====== Bugs ======
-For the discussion about bugs the [[|Forum]] is a good place... ;-)+[[|GitHub]] provides information on any outstanding bugs as well a mechanism to submit new bugs. 
 +Prior to submitting a bug report: 
 +  * Check the [[|GitHub issues]] to ensure the bug has not already been reported. 
 +  * Try the latest development version ( to ensure the bug has not already been fixed. 
 +  * Check the [[|Forum]] and this web site to ensure it is not usage problem. 
 +So after all that, if you believe you have found a bug, please proceed to submit it on [[|GitHub]]. 
 +Within reason, provide complete information about the bug: 
 +  *Describe the bug encountered 
 +  *Describe how to recreate the bug 
 +  *Adapter brand/name/model 
 +  *Chipset 
 +  *Driver used (and revision number if it comes from SVN/CVS) 
 +  *Platform: (Linux or windows) 
 +  *and so on, as appropriate for the problem at hand
-    * Not confirmed, race conditions when using aircrack on a live capture file 
-    * Key sometimes not cracked with 2-3Mi IV (or stop at byte 10 of 13) 
-    * Bug in ivs file format design 
-    * Bug in option to search for alpha-numeric characters only (see forum) 
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