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Quotes from #aircrack-ng

Quote from Mister_X:

Jan 25 00:39 <Mister_X> basic wep cracking tut in 3 easy steps: get up from your chair and go to your neighbour door;
              ring or knock on the door; when he opens, ask him to use his to give the key for his wireless network;
              you're done

Quote from Hirte:

        21:08   Feb 01 21:27 <Hirte> maybe your AP learned to defeat you

Quote from kantlivelong:

Feb 01 22:56 <kantlivelong> now i know ive been on the pc too much today, on i put my IP instead of my zip...

Quote from Mister_X:

Feb 06 22:27 <Mister_X> So, I think my choice will be slack or debian
 Feb 06 22:28 <n3Cre0>  what're you running now Mister_X?
Feb 06 22:29 <Mister_X> n3Cre0, if i tell you i would have to kill you (and everyone else here) ;)

Quote from n3Cr0:

Feb 07 19:57 <n3Cre0> the day it works on windows is a black day in history

Quote from Hirte:

Feb 14 01:06 <Hirte> you could place a pizza right next to your atenna, let 
              aireplay run the whole night at full speed and if you 
              got headaches the next morning and your meal is hot, 
              then you'll know that injection works

Quote from jeroenimo:

 Dec 12 23:01 <jeroenimo> How does one hack neigbours network?:
                     Ring on his doorbell and ask the neighbour if you can have a look at his AP because you have lost an arp!

Quote from sleepless:

  Feb 14 19:21 <sleepless> how do ppl this dense find linux!

Quote from Hirte:

  Feb 15 00:30 <Hirte> you can raise your AP like a child and teach him how to do nasty stuff "did 
             your router just break into my network?!" "yeah, i'm sorry he does this all 
             the time..."

Quote from uovobw:

  Feb 15 11:52 <uovobw> ASPj: the cops stopped me and a friend of mine while wardriving and,
               when prompted me to show them "the programs on the computer", i ls /usr/bin...
               they were not happy but couldn't figure out anything

Quote from ASPj:

   Feb 15  12:10 <ASPj> mdk2.c:600: error: invalid lvalue in assignment
           12:10 <ASPj> Fuck you, pointer, fuck you, and fuck you, too!
           12:11 <jeroenimo> I wonder how many curses it takes to code a new tool,  ASPj 
           12:11 <ASPj> to express that number I have to transmit 100 Magebyte
           12:11 <ASPj> Megabyte
           12:11 <ASPj> helluvacrapshitdamnit

Quote from Daouid:

   Feb 16 00:29  * Daouid grew an 11th toe since he started working on airoscript

Quote from shwag:

   Feb 16  01:17 <shwag> is support for macbooks wireless?
           01:18 <jeroenimo> No we only give text based support 

Quote from jeroenimo:

   Feb 19  00:47 <jeroenimo> drivers, what is that ?
           00:48 <n3Cre0> that's something that "drives" your hardware
           00:48 <ASPj> jeroenimo: See, Mac makes stupid!
           jeroenimo is from Holland, he is allowed to be stupid!

Mister_X commented on this note:

   Feb 19  19:58 <Mister_X> the last comment is not useful, ASPj
           19:58 <ASPj> i know
           19:58 <ASPj> but he is from Holland and I am from Germany
           19:58 <ASPj> He has to hate me and I have to hate him
           19:58 <ASPj> there is no way around
           19:59 <ASPj> its a football law!
           19:59 <jeroenimo> ASPj: well I guess you are right

Quote from Hirte:

   Feb 19  20:21 <Hirte> ok, away again, messing with some nasty function pointers
           20:21 <muts> Hirte, may the source be with you :)

Quote from muts:

   Feb 19  20:51 < muts> n3Cre0, that's like choosing "death by scrotum hair plucking"

Quote from Daouid:

  Feb 21 23:26 < Daouid> omniscience is god's natural ability ASPj

Quote from ASPj:

  Feb 22 00:26 <hflappy> well guyz...i need to shit/shower/shave and head to homiez house
         00:27 <jeroenimo> hflappy: not in that particular order ?
         00:27 <hflappy> well shit/shave/shower
         00:27 <ASPj> shitting first is stupid
         00:27 <ASPj> so it stinks
         00:27 <hflappy> haha
         00:27 <hflappy> well it could smell like fine ass aroma..u never know
         00:28 <ASPj> but showering first and makin the ass crappy afterwards is stupid too
         00:28 <hflappy> tru that
         00:28 <ASPj> so, shower/shit doesnt fit in any way
         00:28 <ASPj> So either dont ever shit or dont ever shower
         00:28 <ASPj> dont ever shit is impossible
         00:28 <ASPj> so, dont shower anymore and youre fine :)

Quote from ASPj:

  Feb 21 00:53 * ASPj likes words like "space" and "filling up"
  Feb 21 00:53 < ASPj> not when they are encrapted

Quote from onats:

  Feb 25 15:01 <onats> hi, is there anyway i can scan the clients that are connected to my wifi?

Quote from Zero_Chaos:

  Mar 1 21:42 <Zero_Chaos> jeroenimo: Ich bin nicht ein mit wem zu ficken

Quote from Jota:

  Mar 11 15:46 <Jota> ok i will try...  another question...  is a celeron 600 too old and slow to try???   does it taka too mauch time??
         15:51 <CCFreak2K> aircrack will just run slower than...something faster.

Quote from ASPj:

 Mar 11 23:00  * ASPj likes to be a linux kernel, so "woman" could be compiled 
        into him instead of being a module that could get lost....

Quote from ASPj:

 Mar 15 01:02 <ortodoxy> in aireplay it says .. saving your arp requests in replay_arp-438.cap
        01:03 <ortodoxy> when i serch for it it cant find the damn file
        01:03 <ASPj> you shouldnt save files in /dev/null
        01:04 <ortodoxy> ok
        01:04 <ortodoxy> thanks

Quote from friedaB:

 Mon 19 18:16 <friedaB> how can i start aircrack in linux?
        18:16 <Mister_X> aircrack-ng
        18:16 <Mister_X> in a terminal

Quote from JackLass:

 Mon 19 22:02 <JackLass> yeah the ivs files what are these?
        22:02 <jeroenimo> JackLass: brush up on wep hacking and ask us again 
        22:03 <JackLass> ImageView Storage File

Quote from Da_FBi:

 Mon 26 21:08 <hanhan> Evening !
        21:10 <Da_FBi> evning?
        21:10 <jeroenimo> Da_FBi: soem people live in Europe

Quote from NatureTM:

 Wed 28 19:25 <Mister_X> Aien-X2, please read the wiki, it will answer to all your question
        19:25 <Aien-X2> i wish i can lol
        19:25 <Aien-X2> browsing is not allowed
        19:26 <Aien-X2> neither does download
        19:26 <Aien-X2> lol
        19:26 <Mister_X> browsing is not allowed?
        19:26 <NatureTM> where are you?
        19:26 <NatureTM> jail?
        19:26 <Aien-X2> far away from you ^_^
        19:26 <NatureTM> ;-)
        19:26 <Aien-X2> lol i'm in home
        19:26 <Aien-X2> -)
        19:27 <NatureTM> did daddy leave netnanny on when he went to work?

Quote from SonicvanaJr:

 Wed 04 00:03 <ChIP_83> classic intel centrino...
 Wed 04 00:03 <ChIP_83> (frist version)
 Wed 04 00:03 <n3Cre0> version?
 Wed 04 00:03 <n3Cre0> 2100, 2200, 2915, 3945, ...
 Wed 04 00:04 <ChIP_83> dunno
 Wed 04 00:05 <SonicvanaJr> ChIP_83: Backtrack doesn't have injection for any of those, just monitor mode
 Wed 04 00:06 <ChIP_83> (when I try to use "fake auth" mode the program say that it's not supported by my card)
 Wed 04 00:07 <SonicvanaJr> Gee, I wonder what that could mean.

Quote from ASPj:

[23:53] <n3Cre0> btw ASPj how would you kick someone from your AP?
[23:54] <n3Cre0> you said you had a script that alerted you when someone got on your AP
[23:54] <n3Cre0> and then you could "shutdown them"
[23:54] <ASPj> n3Cre0, first, I do a triangulation, after that i calculate the latitude and longitude coordinates, then I call Chuck Norris to roudhousekick the attackers ass

Quote from n3Cre0

[00:10] <jeroenimo> :-*
[00:13] <n3Cre0> shit a wildcard smiley
[00:13] <n3Cre0> now we will never know what he wanted to express

Quote from WiFiHelper

[22:35] <kingcobra> how do i go about injecting packets though
[22:35] <n3Cre0> !wiki
[22:35] <WiFiHelper> n3Cre0: "wiki" is
[22:35] <onyx> !newbie
[22:35] <WiFiHelper> onyx: "newbie" is
[22:35] <n3Cre0> !newbie
[22:35] <WiFiHelper> n3Cre0: "newbie" is
[22:35] <n3Cre0> !su
[22:35] <WiFiHelper> n3Cre0: "su" is Shut up
[22:35] <onyx> lol
[22:35] <Mister_X> lol

Quote from yxairyggen

13-04-2007 * 18:16 * yxairyggen ( has joined #aircrack-ng
             18:16 <yxairyggen> How do I know which MAC-adress the Acces point I'm gonna crack have?

Quote from hirte

17-04-2007  18:58 < hirte> i destroyed my alarm clock this morning by accident, now 
             i need to write another script... this is how software 
             takes over hardware

Quote from TuTuFF

10-05-2007 16:22 <n3Cre0>
           16:22 <TuTuFF> yeah a remote face-stabber`d be well neat
           16:22 <TuTuFF> yo`ud be a pincushion n3c ;)

Quote from TuTuff

<n3Cre0> can't do anything wrong
<TuTuFF> au contraire my alpha-numeric friend .. I can break anything, screw up even the most simple one step procedure, calamatise the most foolproof of schemes
<n3Cre0> aha
<TuTuFF> in short nothing is safe!

Quote from jeroenimo

13-05-2007 16:20 <owss> didnet konw a site for some download compatible driver
           16:20 <jeroenimo> owss: we all make type mistakes, but you are quite extreme
           16:21 <owss> :/

Quote from hirte

14-05-2007 00:16 <SonicvanaJr> We need a logo
           00:25 <hirte> SonicvanaJr: we are looking for logo ideas for some time now
           00:41 <n3Cre0> but do we need a logo?
           00:43 <hirte> we live in a economical environment, we need to build up an identity, we need a logo and lots of publicity, flyer, and tv spots

Quote from ASPj

14-05-2007 10:13 <ASPj> CCMP: replay detected: STA=00:0b:85:56:f4:2e previous PN 0000000adac3 received PN 0000000adac3
           10:13 <ASPj> again
           10:14 * ASPj gets mdk3 ready...
           10:14 <TuTuFF> ASP: how are you seeing that?
           10:14 <ASPj> dmesg
           10:14 <void101> ASPj, time for a little bit of wireless warfare huh ? ;)
           10:14 <ASPj> mdk3 isnt suitable for a bit of warfare, its the ultimate armagodden
           10:14 <TuTuFF> carry on tghe glorious work in my absence oh chosen ones!
           10:14 <ASPj> armageddon
           10:15 <n3Cre0> lmao
           10:15 <ASPj> allah ma hakbah!
           10:15 <ASPj> yalla! yallaaaaah!

Quote from ASPj

14-05-07   10:15  * ASPj gets the mob ready, armed with knives, and axes, TO THE QUOTES, PEOPLE!
           10:17  <void101> *Warcry*
           10:17  <ASPj> ah, void101, here is your backpack!
           10:18  * ASPj hands a backpack with explosives to void101
           10:18  <void101> hmm nice, thanks m8
           10:18  <ASPj> void101, you have a delivery to make!
           10:19  <ASPj> yallah yallah!
           10:19  <void101> haha gimme a target ^^
           10:19  <ASPj> void101: your target: the infidel of "math"
           10:21  <ASPj> so, void101, doubleyallah, math is killing me here!
           10:22  <void101> yeah need some time first, the bomb needs some upgrades (blast radius for example)
           10:23  <ASPj> void101, dont waste time on upgrading the bomb, allahu akbar, yallah yallah!
           10:27  <void101> on my way
           10:28  <-- void101 hat den Server verlassen ("allahu akbaaaaaaaa !!! *BOOM* -->").
           yallah yallah = quick quick!
           allahu akbar = allah is the greatest

…and a few minutes later:

14-05-07 10:37  * ASPj gets another backpack ready
         10:37  <ASPj> void101, you have proven to be a reliable jihadist
         10:38  <ASPj> Guess whom I chose for the next mission ;)
         10:38  <n3Cre0> 3 to 1 chance it'll get deleted :(
         10:38  <ASPj> 10 to 1
         10:38  <sorbo> 666
         10:38  <void101> lol 1 mission a day keeps the infidels away
         10:38  <n3Cre0> ah send sorbo with a backpack
         10:38  <ASPj> the questions is, how long will it last!
         10:39  <n3Cre0> the filthy windows porter
         10:39  <n3Cre0> ;-)

Quote from TuTuFF (Note: back when this conversation was recorded, registrations were open on the wiki. Today, you actually need to apply for an account on IRC.)

15-05-07 20:26  <TuTuFF> how does one make a login for the wiki?
         20:26  <TuTuFF> or does it have to be made for you?
         20:27  <ebfe> you have to pass the test
         20:27  <ebfe> your journey begins now
         20:27  <TuTuFF> ok thanks that was an easy test .. i think i`ll just register

Quote from ASPj

16-05-07 10:49 <md`>  i need to fucking rip this capslock key out of this new keyboard, it*'s annoyuing me
         10:49 <md`>  -u
         10:49 <md`>  bah
         10:50 <md`>  or even better yet i switch back to my old one
         10:50 <ASPj> whats so special with that new capslock?
         10:50 <md`>  it is there
         10:50 <ASPj> oh, yeah, that sucks
         10:50 <md`>  all my other keyboards have it removed
         10:50 <md`>  like
         10:50 <md`>  physcially removed
         10:50 <ASPj> maybe you should consider removing your FINGER, so every keyboard would be compatible ;)

Quote from Mister_X:

22-05-2007 * 02:10 <whatever> currently I dont have a choice I can use my old dell laptop that feels like a grand piano
             02:10 <whatever> thats the only other thing I have
             02:11 <Mister_X> grand piano produces great sounds
             02:11 <whatever> lol

Quote from Zermolo:

23-05-2007 * 19:58 <cyrusback> what can i use to capute wpa packets
             19:58 <Zero_Chaos> a butterfly net
             19:58 <Zermelo> besides airodump?
             19:58 <cyrusback> ok dont have butterfly net.
             19:58 <Zermelo> butterfly net works good for me
             19:59 <TuTuFF> a trap? they`rfe like vermin them damn wpa`s they breed like rabbits!
             19:59 <Zermelo> ssshhhh, be bery bery quiet, I'm hunting arp's
             20:00 <TuTuFF> ah i`m after wpa`s nothign to do with arps
             20:00 <Zermelo> shhh, be bery bery quiet, I'm hunting a 4-way handshake

Quote from Mister_X (talking about OOo and it being slow):

25-05-2007 * 23:56 <Mister_X> it uses java
             23:56 <Mister_X> that's why it's slow to start
             23:57 <Mister_X> java uses as icon a little cup of coffee meaning you have time to get a coffee before using the application
             23:57 <Mister_X> (at least that's what we said at work between java and .NET developpers) ;)

Quote from stuart

25-05-2007 * 19:11 <stuart> Why have I got a yellow light next to my name in xchat?
             19:11 <n3Cre0> stuart, voiced
             19:12 * n3Cre0 removes voice from stuart
             19:12 * Zero_Chaos removes voice from stuart
             19:12 <n3Cre0> better?
             19:12 <stuart> Golly. I'm important at last!

Quote from jeroenimo

06-06-2007 * 16:54 <jeroenimo> Gotta park the motorbike, seeya guys
             16:54 <n3Cre0> cu
             16:54 <n3Cre0> was jeroenimo chatting with us from his motorbike?
             16:59 <jeroenimo> Yeah I have a helmet system, auto  wephacking ssh to my server script running on it
             17:00 <jeroenimo> and guess what voice recognition ;-)
             17:12 <DESfox> aircrack-bmw
             17:12 <DimGR> aircrack-honda

Quote from SonicvanaJr

01-07-2007 * 03:54 ==> Yuri-Kh has joined #aircrack-ng
             03:54 < Yuri-Kh> hey guys
             03:54 < Yuri-Kh> i just disassembled a ipod 30g harddrive
             03:54 < Yuri-Kh> why? cause it died.
             04:00 < SonicvanaJr> We care
             04:02 ==> Yuri-Kh has quit ("Leaving")

Quote from Zero_Chaos

01-07-2007 * 06:32  >>> Yuri-Kh pokes Zero_Chaos
             06:32  >>> Yuri-Kh pours cold water on SonicvanaJr
             06:32  >>> Yuri-Kh leaves to play some games
             06:32  >>> SonicvanaJr kicks Yuri-Kh
             06:32 < Zero_Chaos> Yuri-Kh: poking a sleeping tiger tends to be a poor idea
             06:32 < Yuri-Kh> Zero_Chaos, what tiger?
             06:33 < Yuri-Kh> lol
             06:33 ==> mode/#aircrack-ng (+o Zero_Chaos) by ChanServ
             06:33 ==> Yuri-Kh was kicked from #aircrack-ng by Zero_Chaos (this one)
             06:33 ==> mode/#aircrack-ng (-o Zero_Chaos) by Zero_Chaos
             06:33 < Zero_Chaos> hmmm, what happened?
             06:33 < Zero_Chaos> Someone must have set him up the bomb
             06:34 < SonicvanaJr> We have signal ?
             06:35 < Zero_Chaos> SonicvanaJr: We get signal. Main screen turn on! 
             06:35 < SonicvanaJr> It's YOU  !!!
             06:35 < Zero_Chaos> how are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us
             06:35 < Zero_Chaos> hahaha
             06:36 < Zero_Chaos> You have no chance to survive, make your time

Quote from E-Tray identifying the Stones hitting the channel

  08-07-2007 15:20 Can't get no authentication - R.Stones

Quote from ASPj

<ASPj> 你好我不是中国人
<Gener1c> japanease is leet
<ASPj> its chinese
<Gener1c> still jap is better
<ASPj> japan sucks, japanese people eat shit and stuff
<Gener1c> like the southparck ep only in reverse
<ASPj> exactly
<Gener1c> say now i think im up to something
<Gener1c> if you eat from your mouth and crap from your ass
<Gener1c> and when you eat from your ass and then crap from the mouth
<Gener1c> what is stoping you from eating shit and crapping food?
<Gener1c> maybe the japs are up to something
<ASPj> i guess the chemicals
<ASPj> the chemicals can only convert food to crap
<ASPj> not minding from which side it comes
<Gener1c> im never eating sushi again
<Gener1c> thats why it comes in rolls
<Gener1c> think about it

Quote from kingnub:

04-09-2007 * 22:15 <kingnub> I have the "Aircrack.vmx" from but 
                             lspci doesn't show my USB dongle even though vmware says its connected ...
# After spending some time trying to figure out what's the wrong, we found the solution ;)
04-09-2007 * 22:40 <kingnub> the USB device is enbaled, still no luck
             22:41 <Mister_X> are you sure?
             22:41 <kingnub> yup its on, its just not deteced by lspci
             22:41 <Mister_X> normal
             22:41 <Mister_X> it is a USB device
             22:41 <Mister_X> lsusb
             22:42 <Mister_X> lol
             22:42 <kingnub> oh yeah
             22:42 <kingnub> lol
             22:42 <kingnub> brb

Quote from gener1c:

08-09-2007 * 22:33 < gener1c> i suffer the same problem after jacking off one seems to want to handshake me , especially not three way

Quote from BennieMan:

08-09-2007 * 17:21 < BennieMan> TuTuFF, is there, but when i plug in the USB antenna, nothing happen                                         
08-09-2007 * 17:21 < TuTuFF> ok so unplug the adapter then remove the module (rmmod whatever)                                          
08-09-2007 * 17:22 < TuTuFF> then replug the usb ihn .. check it loads                                                                 
08-09-2007 * 17:22 < BennieMan> remove the module?                                                                                     
08-09-2007 * 17:22 < TuTuFF> but looking at it the driver is loaded if nothing else is happening then there is probably something else amiss
08-09-2007 * 17:22 < TuTuFF> rmmod MODULE
08-09-2007 * 17:23 < BennieMan> TuTuFF
08-09-2007 * 17:23 < BennieMan> user@ubuntu:~$ rmmod MODULE    
08-09-2007 * 17:23 < BennieMan> ERROR: Module MODULE does not exist in /proc/modules 
08-09-2007 * 17:24 < TuTuFF> yuo fuckin nimrod  

Quote from blacklotus89:

 Oct. 20/2007 12:25 <blacklotus89> unfair :( i still don't have an quote on

Quote from includex1:

02-12-2007 * 00:37 <includex1> Zero Chaos ieee802 patch is included in aireplay-ng test?
02-12-2007 * 00:39 <Zero_Chaos> ...
02-12-2007 * 00:39 <Zero_Chaos> driver patches cannot possibly be included in a command that sends packets
02-12-2007 * 00:39 <Zero_Chaos> includex1: are you stoned?

Quote from rakeem:

19:44 < rakeem> I've spent all year stopping users from sticking password 
                coated post-it notes to their monitors and finally they've 
                got the message.  The other day I went into the office and 
                saw one girl had downloaded a software version of post-it 
                notoes from the 3M website.  Sure enough, in the top-right 
                corner there was a list of hers and her workmates logins...

Quote from Ronald:

09-01-2008 * 19:59 < Ronald> My parrents have made a wep key on our wireless network but now(2 days later) they forgotten it, can someone help me and my parrents 
             19:59 < Mister_X> you can reset the router   
             20:00 < Mister_X> or open the administration page of the router and change the key 
             20:00 < Ronald> there is only a on/off switch  
             20:00 < giovani> heh                               
             20:00 < giovani> this definitely sounds believable     
             20:00 < giovani> Ronald: what model access point is this?
             20:00 < Ronald> my parrents are next to me(sorry for my english but I'm dutch)  
             20:01 < Ronald> on the router stand experia box          
             20:01 < Ronald> from siemens (from the dutch provider hetnet)
             20:02 < giovani> well, if there truly is no reset button    
             20:02 < giovani> usually unplugging, and plugging back in the power rapidly will reset the device
             20:02 < giovani> that works on most US cable modems  
             20:02 < giovani> I think it's 3-5 times in under 30 seconds on most      
             20:03 < Ronald> I will try     
             20:10 < Ronald> it has not worked
             20:11 < giovani> Ronald: then, as darkAudax suggested, try googling the model number and finding the manual
             20:11 < giovani> there has to be a way to reset it                                                                        
             20:13 < Ronald> my vader say dat dirkjan(a friend of ous) chanced the code from the router but forgotten in wich he has chanced it
             20:14 < giovani> well, then you'll HAVE to reset the router anyway, since you don't even have the administration password   
             20:14 < giovani> call up your ISP if they provided the AP, and tell them you need to reset it
             20:15 < Ronald> ok wait a sec(there is a 24/7 line says my dad
             20:15 < Ronald> i will call them
             20:20 < Ronald> the men on the fone say that it's fun to try to "capture packages" and then test the securety level of our wireless network with aircrack
             20:20 < Ronald> he is still on the fone
             20:20 < giovani> Ronald: do you really think we'll believe that you called your ISP's tech support, and they suggested you crack the wep key?
             20:21 < giovani> I'm definitely done with this     
             20:21 < Ronald> sorry
             20:21 < Ronald> sorry that i lied
             20:23 < Ronald> ok the true is that my parrents think that i don't need internet on my bedroom so they don't wanna tell our wep key 

Quote from bolexxx:

                 21:26 < bolexxx> my last failure is, i made out with a lesbian, i didnt know she was a lesbian, so her girl came and started a fight...

Quote from JRDNZ

                 22:55 < JRDNZ> aircraft-ng:   B7:A9:31:F8:22:61:B6:d7:43:2B:AF:A2:A6 | Probability 100%

Quote from comrade`phil:

                 00:28 < comrade`phil> there's a folder called module
                 00:28 < comrade`phil> dir shows it
                 00:28 < jeroenimo> Module
                 00:28 < jeroenimo> *M*odule
                 00:29 < jeroenimo> comrade`phil: use airdriver-ng to install !
                 00:29  * comrade`phil facedesks

Quote from ASPj:

02-02-2008 * 01:50 <SonicvanaJr> How's germany ASPj2?
             01:50 <ASPj2> its german

Quote from hirte:

   15:01 < hirte> just wonderung about time

Quote from hirte:

   17:53 < hirte> webpower: let me repeat it slowly: t h e r e   i s    n o   s u p p o r t e d    d r i v e r

Quote from l403:

   <l403> hayas
   <l403> I am reading the irc quotes page so, I had to come

Quote from Zero_Chaos:

[22:18] <Zero_Chaos> NetRolller3D: I'm used to changing my kernel as often as my underwear, I've not changed kernels in a month and it is killing me
[22:19] <NetRolller3D> Zero_Chaos: :-)
[22:20] <NetRolller3D> Zero_Chaos: do you also install compat packages on your underwear?
[22:20] <Zero_Chaos> NetRolller3D: no, but my blood is 802.11 compliant
[22:20] <HardDisk_WP> NetRolller3D, you mean, stuff like the package "woman"?
[22:21] <NetRolller3D> Maybe... though that's definitely wired connection.
[22:23] <NetRolller3D> Zero_Chaos: but remember, you need at least 2 hearts (up to 4) for wireless-N...

Quote from Underting:

[Sat May 3 2008] [23:10:27] <Underting> any body tried AWUS036H with aircrack ?
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:10:46] <NetRolller3D> Underting: Ask hirte.
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:11:15] <NetRolller3D> Hirte has an AWUS036H AFAIK.
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:11:18] <Underting> because if i buy it and find that it's not supporter i will suicide !
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:11:20] <Underting> :)
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:11:54] <Underting> mr hirte ?
[Sat May 3 2008] [23:12:04] <NetRolller3D> And AFAIK AWUS036H doesn't require a mac80211 driver.

Quote from gromozekin:

[17:22] <l1x> /root/compat-wireless-2008-05-19/include/net/compat.h:36:35: error: linux/compat_autoconf.h: No such file or directory
[17:22] <l1x> :(
[17:22] <NetRolller3D> l1x: install kernel headers and sources!
[17:24] <l1x> root@lapos:~/compat-wireless-2008-05-19# dpkg -l |grep kernel|grep 25
[17:24] <l1x> ii  linux-headers-2.6.25-1                     2.6.25-1.2ubuntu5                   Header files related to Linux kernel version
[17:24] <l1x> ii  linux-headers-2.6.25-1-generic             2.6.25-1.2ubuntu5                   Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.25 on x
[17:24] <l1x> ii  linux-image-2.6.25-1-generic               2.6.25-1.2ubuntu5                   Linux kernel image for version 2.6.25 on x86
[17:24] <l1x> ii  linux-source-2.6.25                        2.6.25-1.2ubuntu5                   Linux kernel source for version 2.6.25 with
[17:24] <l1x> netroll did i miss something?
[17:25] <gromozekin> yes, install slackware

Quote from ionstorm:

21:58 < ionstorm> with lsusb -vvv MaxPower does that mean max transmit power?

Quote from kane:

[02:31:42] < kane1> I get i need a good wordlist So its kind of like impossible
[02:31:45] < kane1> to crack wpa
[02:31:59] < kane1> I can't believe aircrack made me do all these things

Quote from NetRolller3D:

<NetRolller3D>  kane2: In fact, there exists a way to immediately crack a WPA network, regardless of what the key is, without having to colloect IVs or anything - it has recently leaked from the NSA. Don't tell anyone that you know this from me!
<GuntherDW> NetRolller3D: i've heard about that one too!
<NetRolller3D> The method: Take a hammer, go near the AP, and CRACK THAT FSCKIN' WPA AP TO TINY PARTS!

Quote from ASPj talking about Android and iPhone:

[16:02] <ASPj> this should be as uncomfartable as google and apple spying on you all the time
[16:02] <ASPj> uncomfortable, not uncomFARTable
[16:02] <ASPj> an uncommon fart table oO

Quote from Zermelo:

27-10-2008 * 00:46 <DarkPixel> AR5008 but no driver for linksys wpc100
             00:46 <DarkPixel> trying to use airodump and claims not supported
             00:47 <Zermelo> ur on windows?
             00:47 <DarkPixel> yea
             00:47 <Zermelo> thats ur first problem

Quote from lord-carlos:

11-07-2009 <lord-carlos> 0.9.3 is so damn old, my grandfarther was using it with his enigma in WWII

Quote from AaronM:

[03:32] <ASPj> WHAT THE FUCK??!!
[03:33] <AaronM> so begins the ASPj night time show

Quote from ASPj:

(03:22:24) ASPj: I guess my laptop is considered a WMD in the US ;)
(03:22:41) ASPj: Weapon of Mass Disconnection :D

Quote from ziplock:

December 6th, 2009
13:08  * XAVeRY hides in the corner and starts to cry
13:08 <@jeroenimo> XAVeRY: pussy...
13:09 < XAVeRY> I am so appalled.
13:09 < ziplock> what is pussy, and is it in the wiki?

Quote from sorbo:

16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> my code fucking rocks
16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> especially wesside
16-01-2010 * 03:27 <sorbo> the only thing that seems to work is the help menu

Quote from Zero_Chaos:

14-08-2010 * 20:29 < upp> i don't understand what do you mean
14-08-2010 * 20:29 < Zero_Chaos> read it again and try really hard

Quote from johnny`:

[19:05] <johnny`> how do i install it by source
[19:05] <XAVeRY> consult the documentation.
[19:05] <XAVeRY> this is basic Linux knowledge.
[19:14] <johnny`> there is no documentation

Quote from Tefx:

[23:12] <Tefx> hey guys erm not in linux atm btu was wantign to test crack my friends wifi for him and yes this is legitimate it was to test his router and check see how my new laptop   deals with cracking and it uses a card ive used many of times for doign wep cracking btu for soem reason when i start aimon ng i can airodump- specific chanels and detetc networks on all   chanels btu for soem reason when i try to start aireplay-ng with fake auth or arpreplay it seem to
[23:12] <Tefx > say that the channel is locked to channel -1
[23:12] <Tefx > any ideas
[23:17] <WiFiHelper> New on the ForumFeed: Re: Why is my interface on channel -1? <>
[23:19] <Tefx > WiFiHelper, i think you a bot but i shal give that a try thanks
[23:19] <WiFiHelper > Tefx: Error: "i" is not a valid command.

Quote from SniperXP:

<SniperXPX> I have the handshake packets for my WPA protected network. How would I go about bruteforcing the key? I can use disctionaries no problem but I cannot find anything about Bruteforcing
<SniperXPX> dictionaries*
<Zero_Chaos> !john
<WiFiHelper> Zero_Chaos: "john" is (#1) or (#2) john --stdout --incremental | aircrack-ng -a 2 -w - <handshakes>.cap -e <essid> or (#3) or (#4)
<Zero_Chaos> you have 11,000 years right?
<SniperXPX> I do not think the password is all that strong
<SniperXPX> I do have access to a dual CPU xeon server
<SniperXPX> I can leave that server running the job for weeks if I want to
<Zero_Chaos> 11,000 years
<hiexpo> lol
<SniperXPX> I doubt the password is 64char
<SniperXPX> It's most liekly 8-10
<SniperXPX> likely*
<Zero_Chaos> LOL
<Zero_Chaos> yeah, that is 11,000 years
<SniperXPX> Seriously?
<Zero_Chaos> yeah, please consult a calulator

Quote from Zero_Chaos:

<allfro> alright.. brb
<allfro> build complete
<allfro> patch applied
<Zero_Chaos> hopefully in the opposite order...

Quote from maslen:

<haxwithdroid> I'd like to propose a new code style standard. COK: cat on keyboard.
<maslen> Why not just call it perl ?
<jeffree> damn
<haxwithdroid> cok can be applied to any language
<maslen> Yes. And then they'll all look like PERL

Quote from only:

<only> hey folks, can I set an Alfa USB wifi into monitor mode on macOS?
<only> I have installed the drivers and see it as `en6`
<only> or do I absolutely need a Linux VM?
<Mister_X> only, you can capture with the internal card with wireshark
<Mister_X> there is no injection
<Mister_X> you can't use another card AFAIK
<Mister_X> if you want to use that USB card, you'll either need to boot into a live linux (or installed on your mac) or a VM
<only> Mister_X: so absolutely no workaround to this? :\
<Fishman> only: osx drivers are all closed source.  expect to never have monitor mode on them.
<Mister_X> only, yes, write a driver for it
<only> well, that's what I was thinking.. surely someone thought about running rtl8812au natively in os x
<Fishman> only: basically, no.
# A few hours later:
<only> no, I mean, how do I access the interfrace from within the linux vm?
<only> on mac os
<only> hey folks, has anyone used an external wifi adapter in monitor mode on a Mac?
<Zero_Chaos> only: still not possible.  no one fixed it for you in the last 3 hours
<only> Zero_Chaos: fair enough
* only has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
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