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 ====== Aircrack-ng Changelog ====== ====== Aircrack-ng Changelog ======
 +**Version 1.5.2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.4) - Released 09 Dec 2018**:
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed AP selection slip in interactive mode
 +  * Airodump-ng: Revamped GPS logging functionality and added new logging format (logcsv)
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Only load the maximum supported and available crypto engine
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Reworked wordlist producer/consumer queue
 +  * Airserv-ng: Fixed communication between platforms with different size int
 +  * Airmon-ng: Improved detection of Raspberry Pis
 +  * General: Signed and unsigned comparison fixes
 +  * Package: Added package for Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic)
 +  * General: Code cleanups
 +  * General: Added more tests
 +  * General: Compilation improvements/fixes in autotools
 +  * General: Big endian fixes
 +  * General: Fixed building on FreeBSD and OpenBSD
 +  * General: Added instructions to compile on DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD
 +  * General: Fixed spelling errors
 +**Version 1.4 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.3) - Released 29 Sep 2018**:
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added PMKID cracking
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Serious speed up and memory usage decrease when loading large files (multiple Gb) using AVL trees
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added hwloc (Hardware Locality) to improve performance
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Support cracking PCAP with Protected Management Frames (802.11w)
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Merged check_thread() and read_thread()
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Allow static linking with chosen SIMD
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Display AVX512F when present
 +  * Airodump-ng: Added clients GPS coordinates in NetXML file
 +  * Airdecap-ng: Improve decrypting/parsing speed
 +  * Airmon-ng: Updated/fixed using with nexmon
 +  * Airmon-ng: Better check for lspci requirement on systems that don't have PCI/PCIe devices
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added support for rtl8812au/8814au/rtl88xxau driver
 +  * Build: Fixed building with a few different architectures
 +  * Build: Switch to new CI/CD tool, PyDeployer
 +  * Build: Improved building on Windows (and building/testing with AppVeyor)
 +  * Build: Improved and tweaked CI systems (buildbots, Travis, AppVeyor)
 +  * Build: Support for statically linking libraries/binaries
 +  * Build: Automatic development packages build for multiple Linux distro and upload to
 +  * Tests: Added new tests for Aircrack-ng
 +  * Tests: Added new capture files
 +  * Freeradius-WPE: Fixed opening log file twice
 +  * General: Fixed loading PCAP on system with a different endianness
 +  * General: Fixed memory leaks and issues reported by static analysis tools
 +  * General: Fixed "error while loading shared libraries"
 +  * General: Various other small improvements in the tools, build system, tests and documentation
 +  * General: Update FSF address
 +  * General: Code formatting
 +**Version 1.3 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2) - Released 10 Jul 2018**:
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Allow using Hashcat HCCAPX files as input files.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed floating point exception due to division by 0 when displaying stats.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Updated manpage regarding hex wordlist usage.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added save/restore session when cracking using wordlists (-N and -R).
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Moved crypto to its own library, aircrack-crypto/ (aka crypto engine).
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Now back to a single binary thanks to crypto-engine.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Performance improvements of the crypto engine across various CPU architectures.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added support for AVX512 in the crypto-engine (and build).
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Improved building crypto-engine across CPU architectures and compilers (gcc, clang and ICC).
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Allow to list available SIMD optimizations.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Improved benchmark tool for unusual CPU/cores count.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed running in the background.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Don't show WPA handshake capture notice for out-of-scope ESSIDs.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Add --background 0/1 to force disable/enable background settings and override autodetection of background.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Added support for GCMP, GCMP-256 and CCMP-256.
 +  * Airolib-ng: Fixed importing data when interrupting process using Ctrl-C. 
 +  * dcrack: Check if dictionary and capture file exists before uploading them.
 +  * dcrack: Clean up dictionary before uploading it to the server.
 +  * dcrack: Gracefully stop and display errors instead of printing stacktrace whenever possible.
 +  * dcrack: Move temporary user files to /tmp and cleanup when done.
 +  * dcrack: Fixed displaying status when no clients are connected to the server.
 +  * dcrack: Validate uploaded PCAP and display success/failure.
 +  * dcrack: Improved removing BSSID.
 +  * WPAClean: Fixed crash with invalid prism2 header PCAP and added tests.
 +  * WPAClean: Don't create output file if no handshake are present or if input file is bad.
 +  * WPAClean: Fixed memory leak.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed display of interface name if name is too long.
 +  * OSdep: Fixed memory leak and null pointer dereference.
 +  * OSdep: Fixed byteorder macros and other tools crashing.
 +  * OSdep: Added support to build as a shared library.
 +  * FreeRADIUS-WPE: Updated instructions for v3.0.17.
 +  * HostAPd-wpe: Added Response-Identity logging and displaying NETNTLM hash in hashcat format.
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Renamed dump-join to airodump-join.
 +  * General: Added badge.
 +  * General: Added --without-opt to disable stack protector when using GCC >= 4.9
 +  * General: Various improvements and fixes, some from Coverity Scan and Valgrind.
 +  * General: Fixed typos reported by codespell.
 +  * General: Extracted console functions and moved to aircrack-util/.
 +  * General: Renamed osdep/ to aircrack-osdep/.
 +  * General: Fixed and added functions prototypes and commented out unused functions.
 +  * General: Reformat source code using clang-format and added .clang-format file for IDE.
 +  * General: Improvements to AppVeyor and TravisCI builds
 +  * Building: Added NEON intrinsic support.
 +  * Building: Support paths containing spaces, during autoreconf.
 +  * Building: Fix compilation without getauxval in the trampoline binary.
 +  * Building: Fixed compiler warnings on Windows, FreeBSD.
 +  * Building: Fixes and documentation for OSX.
 +  * Building: Added support for tcmalloc and jemalloc.
 +  * Building: Added instruction to build Windows binaries with Airpcap.
 +  * Unit test: Using CMocka for some tests
 +  * Documentation: Updated explanations regarding building some experimental tools.
 +**Version 1.2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-rc5) - Released 15 Apr 2018**:
 +  * General: Fixed compiling Windows binaries and updated
 +  * General: Fixed commands to install dependencies on Debian/Ubuntu and FreeBSD.
 +  * General: Added command to install dependencies on Fedora/CentOS/RHEL.
 +  * General: Removed packages/ directory.
 +  * General: Added Alpine Linux and Kali Linux buildbots.
 +  * General: Fixed configure with --with-libpcap-include=/somewhere/include and --with-libpcap-lib=/somewhere/lib.
 +  * General: Fixed search for ethtool when running as a non-root user.
 +  * General: Various fixes.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed mktemp on Alpine Linux.
 +**Version 1.2-rc5 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-rc4) - Released 03 Apr 2018**:
 +  * General: Switching to autotools which allows compiling on more plateforms.
 +  * General: Updated and INSTALLING files.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation on a lot of platforms.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation warnings across platforms and compilers.
 +  * General: Fixed typos in the tools and in manpages.
 +  * General: Replace %d/ld with %u/lu for unsigned printf parameters.
 +  * General: Added option to disable stack protector.
 +  * General: Improved makefile to get reproducible builds.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation with OpenSSL 1.1.0.
 +  * General: Updated radiotap parsing code.
 +  * General: Updated all URLs to use HTTPS.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation with libreSSL.
 +  * General: Added WPS 2.0 test PCAP.
 +  * General: Do not use stackguard on Windows.
 +  * General: Fixed warnings on GCC7.
 +  * General: Improved code quality using Coverity Scan.
 +  * General: Added badges for Coverity scan and Intel compiler buildbot
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Use trampoline binary to automatically select fastest executable depending on the CPU
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed missing include for linecount.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed concurrency issues when reading multiple WEP PCAP.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added support for creating HCCAPx file format.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Get the channel from HT information.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Detect WPS 2.x.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Also check current directory for OUI file.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed writing ESSID to CSV, Kismet CSV and Kismet NetXML files when ESSID gets decloaked and cloaked length was 1.
 +  * Aireplay-ng: Added deauthentication reason code option.
 +  * Aireplay-ng: Increase amount of AP to test when running injection test.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed 802.11a channel hopping list.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fix creation of .xor files.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Added support for HT channels (HT20/HT40-/HT40+).
 +  * Airodump-ng: Now displaying correct rate for 802.11n or 802.11ac AP.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed checking for processes.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed display of "cannot access '/sys/class/ieee80211/': No such file or directory".
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed bashisms.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed display of specific drivers.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed display of cards on the sdio bus.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Now supports nexmon driver on RPi 3 (and 0 Wireless) using Kali Linux.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added identification for another realtek chipset and generic Ralink/MT.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Handle 2 types of rfkill commands and updated unblock text.
 +  * Airmon-ng: more portable modinfo usage.
 +  * Airmon-ng: remove grep -P references upon request.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Do not replace driver name by ?????? when driver is valid. 
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Removed irrelevant comment in README.
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Handle SSID with double quotes.
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Fixed parsing OUI file.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Updated lorcon2 installation instructions.
 +  * Besside-ng: Fixed 'wi_read(): No child processes' error.
 +  * Airdecloak-ng: Fixed segfault due to NULL pointer dereference.
 +  * osdep: Remove wi_set_channel(1) on open wifi interface (cygwin).
 +  * osdep: Fixed RAW socket resource leak.
 +  * Patches: Created WPE patches and documentation for current HostAPd and Freeradius versions.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fix incorrect if conditions which always are false.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Remove useless not NULL check.
 +  * Airventriloquist: New tool from
 +  * dcrack: Fixed indentation.
 +  * TravisCI: Fixed compilation on OSX.
 +  * AppVeyor: Added support for AppVeyor, CI for cygwin builds.
 +**Version 1.2-rc4 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-rc3) - Released 14 Feb 2016**:
 +  * Airodump-ng: Increase console window size.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added time remaining and percentage done when doing WPA cracking with a dictionary (file).
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Make benchmark last 15 seconds for a more accurate value.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation on Cygwin 64 and drastically improve cracking speed for all CPUs (up to +175% performance).
 +  * Airmon-ng: Improved chipset detection on FreeBSD.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Display chipset for some Broadcom SDIO.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed broadcasting 'default'.
 +  * General: Updated and cleanup TravisCI file to test compilation and testing on OSX.
 +  * General: Fixed reading large files on Cygwin.
 +  * General: Fixed a bunch of compilation warnings with gcc and clang.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation on Solaris, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD 4.4, NetBSD, OSX.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation on ARM and MIPS.
 +  * General: Improved compatibility on FreeBSD and Cygwin (RAM and CPU detection).
 +  * General: Fixed gcc segfault on cygwin.
 +  * General: Memory cleanups, fixed memory leaks and fix other issues reported by Valgrind.
 +  * Testing: Fixes on various OSes.
 +  * INSTALLING: Updated installation instructions for different OS.
 +  * TravisCI: Improved file.
 +**Version 1.2-rc3 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-rc2) - Released 21 Nov 2015**:
 +  * Airodump-ng: Prevent sending signal to init which caused the system to reboot/shutdown.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Allow to use a user-specified ANonce instead of a randomized one when doing the 4-way handshake
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation warnings.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Removed redundant NULL check and fixed typo in another one.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Workaround for segfault when compiling aircrack-ng with clang and gcrypt and running a check.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Created version for FreeBSD.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Prevent passing invalid values as channel.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Handle udev renaming interfaces.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Better handling of rfkill.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Updated OUI URL.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fix VM detection.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Make lsusb optional if there doesn't seem to be a usb bus.  Improve pci detection slightly.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Various cleanup and fixes (including wording and typos).
 +  * Airmon-ng: Display iw errors.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Improved handling of non-monitor interfaces.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed error when running 'check kill'.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Display error instead of stack trace.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed bashism.
 +  * Airdecap-ng: Allow specifying output file names.
 +  * Airtun-ng: Added missing parameter to help screen.
 +  * Besside-ng-crawler: Removed reference to (non-existent subdomain).
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Display error when no graph type is specified.
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Fixed make install.
 +  * Manpages: Fixed, updated and improved airodump-ng, airmon-ng, aircrack-ng, airbase-ng and aireplay-ng manpages.
 +  * Aircrack-ng GUI: Fixes issues with wordlists selection.
 +  * OSdep: Add missing RADIOTAP_SUPPORT_OVERRIDES check.
 +  * OSdep: Fix possible infinite loop.
 +  * OSdep: Use a default MTU of 1500 (Linux only).
 +  * OSdep: Fixed compilation on OSX.
 +  * AppArmor: Improved and added profiles.
 +  * General: Fixed warnings reported by clang.
 +  * General: Updated TravisCI configuration file
 +  * General: Fixed typos in various tools.
 +  * General: Fixed clang warning about 'gcry_thread_cbs()' being deprecated with gcrypt > 1.6.0.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation on cygwin due to undefined reference to GUID_DEVCLASS_NET
 +  * General: Fixed compilation with musl libc.
 +  * General: Improved testing and added test cases (make check).
 +  * General: Improved mutexes handling in various tools.
 +  * General: Fixed memory leaks, use after free, null termination and return values in various tools and OSdep.
 +  * General: Fixed compilation on FreeBSD.
 +  * General: Various fixes and improvements to README (wording, compilation, etc).
 +  * General: Updated copyrights in help screen.
 +**Version 1.2-rc2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-rc1) - Released 10 April 2015:**
 +  * Airtun-ng: Adds WPA CCMP and TKIP decryption and CCMP encryption
 +  * Compilation: Added support for DUMA.
 +  * Makefile: Renamed 'unstable' to 'experimental'.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed XML sanitizing.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Airmon-zc is now stable enough to replace airmon-ng.
 +  * Manpages: Removed airdriver-ng manpage and references to it (forgot to do it before the previous release).
 +  * Manpages: Updated 'see also' references in all manpages.
 +  * PCRE: Added it in various places and docs.
 +  * WZCook: Fixed processing values stored in register.
 +  * Updated a few headers files (if_llc, ieee80211, ethernet and if_arp).
 +  * Travis CI: updated make parameter and add testing with pcre.
 +  * Compilation: de-hardcode -lpcap to allow specifying pcap libraries.
 +  * Makefile: Fixed installing/uninstalling Airdrop-ng documentation files.
 +  * Makefile: Fixed uninstalling ext_scripts.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Added new paths (and removed one) for OUI files and simplified logic to find the OUI file.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed ignoring -p when specified after -S.
 +  * Airmon-ng: fixes for openwrt busybox ps/grep issues which do not seem present in other versions of busybox
 +  * Airmon-ng: fix vm detection.
 +  * Airserv-ng: Fixed channel setting (and assert call).
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixes to NetXML (unassociated clients missing and various other small bugs) and update the code to match current NetXML output.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Removed requirement for 2 packets before AP is written to output (text) files.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed formatting of ESSID and display of WPA/WPA2 (as well as a bunch of other small fixes) in CSV file.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed GPSd.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Allow to specify write interval for CSV, kismet CSV and NetXML files.
 +  * Airserv-ng: Fixed wrong station data displayed in Airodump-ng.
 +  * General: Fixed 64 bit promotion issues.
 +  * General: Fixed a bunch of uninitialized values and non-zeroed structures (upon allocating them).
 +  * General: Added Stack protection.
 +  * Various other small fixes and improvements.
 +**Version 1.2-rc1 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-beta3) - Released 31 October 2014:**
 +  * Airodump-ng should be able to parse the canonical oui file.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed GPS stack overflow.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed stopping cleanly with Ctrl-C.
 +  * Airmon-zc: better handling for when modules are not available (incomplete)
 +  * Airmon-zc: users can now start the monitor interface again to change channels
 +  * Airmon-zc: update to use ip instead of ifconfig if available.
 +  * Airmon-zc: better handling of devices without pci bus
 +  * Aireplay-ng: Fixed tcp_test stack overflow.
 +  * OSdep: Fixed libnl detection. Also avoid detection on non Linux systems.
 +  * OSdep: Fixed segmentation fault that happens with a malicious server.
 +  * Besside-ng: Add regular expression matching for the SSID.
 +  * Buddy-ng: Fixed segmentation fault.
 +  * Makefile: Fixed 'commands commence before first target' error when building Aircrack-ng.
 +  * Fixed segfault when changing the optimization when compiling with gcc thanks to Ramiro Polla.
 +  * Removed airdriver-ng (outdated and not meant for today's kernels)
 +  * Added gitignore file.
 +  * Fixed build issues on other compilers by using stdint.h types.
 +  * Updating installation file and added pkg-config as a requirement.
 +  * Various small fixes and improvements.
 +**Version 1.2-beta3 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-beta2) - Released 31 March 2014:**
 +  * Finally properly fixed the buffer overflow.
 +  * Fixed channel parsing (eg 108, 125) and updated radiotap parser.
 +  * Various other small fixes.
 +**Version 1.2-beta2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.2-beta1) - Released 30 November 2013:**
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed order of IE when creating soft Access Point.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed Caffe Latte Attack not working for all clients.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Improved PTW speed thanks to Ramiro Polla.
 +  * Airmon-zc: Fixed improper use of the interface.
 +  * Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding captures with WMM enabled.
 +  * Various: Fixed memory leaks in Aircrack-ng, Aireplay-ng, OSdep.
 +  * Added support for static analysis using Coverity Scan.
 +  * Fixed compilation due to PIC unfriendly assembly on Gentoo hardened.
 +  * Fixed running tests using 'make check'.
 +  * Fixed building aircrack-ng with recent version of gcc and also on cygwin.
 +  * Various other small fixes.
 +**Version 1.2-beta1 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.1) - Released 25 May 2013:**
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added chipset information for ar9170usb, wl, rt2800usb, ar9271, wl12xx, RT3070STA, ath9k_htc, r871x_usb_drv, ath5k, carl9170 and various Intel drivers.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed chipset information ipw2200.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed output for r8187 driver.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Improved chipset information for a few drivers.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Support for displaying information about ath9k.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added 'check kill' to automatically kill services that could interfere.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Fixed issues with Intel chipsets detection.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Updated iw download link.
 +  * Airmon-ng: Better mac80211 handling
 +  * Airmon-ng: Added detection for WiLink TI driver, rtl819xU, iwlwifi.
 +  * Airmon-zc: Improved version of Airmon-ng with more detailed information.
 +  * Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding QoS frames (Closes: [[|#667]] and [[|#858]]).
 +  * Airgraph-ng: Use Aircrack-ng Makefile instead of its own.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed bug using clients list.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed issue with QoS (ticket [[|#760]]).
 +  * Airbase-ng: Fixed sending beacons with null SSID.
 +  * Airbase-ng: Allow non ASCII ESSID
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed buffer overflow (ticket [[|#728]]).
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed channel parsing.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed FreeBSD battery reading.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Renamed "Packets" column to "Frames" ("Packets" was not correct).
 +  * Airodump-ng: Fixed XML bugs when outputting NetXML: ESSID containing '&' or chinese characters, when multiple encryption are used.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Add alternative paths for Airodump-ng OUI file.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Added GPSd 2.92+ support (JSON).
 +  * Airodump-ng: Add option --manufacturer to display manufacturer column on airodump-ng.
 +  * Airodump-ng: Add feature to show APs uptime (--uptime) based on the timestamp.
 +  * Airodump-ng-OUI-update: Fixed OUI URL and allow CURL redirect (ticket [[|#829]]).
 +  * Airdrop-ng: removed .py from file names.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed bug in installer.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed OUI lookup.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed bug when several BSSID have the same ESSID.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Doesn't constantly parse anymore, wait 5 seconds each time it parses.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed crash when failing to get channel or when rules file didn't exist.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed to use libs.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Updated README.
 +  * Airdrop-ng: Fixed error preventing update to work.
 +  * Versuck-ng: New script to do the same thing as the kismet autowep plugin from the CLI.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed counter display error when cracking WPA.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added output of the WPA handshake to EWSA project file.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added output of the WPA handshake to oclhashcat+ project file.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Added benchmark option, -S.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Fixed -u option.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: PIC fix for hardened systems from Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Allow dictionaries larger than 2Gb.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Give a better message when there's an error with the dictionary.
 +  * Aircrack-ng: Prevent a buffer overflow from happening (Wojciech Waga).
 +  * Aireplay-ng: Added migration mode attack from Leandro Meiners and Diego Sor from Core Security (BlackHat Las Vegas 2010)
 +  * Aireplay-ng, Airodump-ng: Added option to ignore issue with -1 channel.
 +  * Airserv-ng: Fixed crash when clients disconnect.
 +  * Besside-ng-crawler: Added EAPOL Crawler.
 +  * Airdecloak-ng: Fixed bug when using pcap files with PPI headers.
 +  * dcrack: Distributed cracking server/client
 +  * reference script for testing wifi card detection using iwconfig vs ls /sys/class/net
 +  * WPA Clean: Tool to merge and clean WPA capture files.
 +  * Wireless Panda: C# Library to parse Airodump-ng output files (and added example project).
 +  * OSdep (Linux): Setting fixed bitrates on mac80211 2.6.31 and up.
 +  * OSdep (Linux): Added support for nl80211 thanks to impulse32. Use 'make libnl=true' to add netlink support (Ticket [[|#1004]]).
 +  * Manpages: Improvement and fixes for Airgraph-ng, Airodump-ng, packetforge-ng, Aircrack-ng
 +  * Manpages: Fixed various spelling issues and single quote issues.
 +  * Makefiles: Added tests for the different tools.
 +  * Makefiles: Various fixes and improvements.
 +  * Makefiles: Added support for libgrypt instead of OpenSSL via parameter.
 +  * Patches: Added a few patches.
 +  * Removed useless script: patchchk.
 +  * Finally fixed licensing issues.
 +  * Fixed endianness issues in most of the tools.
 +  * Fixed cppcheck errors (Ticket [[|#957]]).
 +  * Fixed various compilation issues on Linux and Cygwin, GNU/Hurd, Darwin (OSX) and Sparc.
 +  * Fixed compilation on recent gcc versions on Linux, Cygwin.
 +  * Added instructions for Travis CI: Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community.
 +  * Added Readme.Md for GitHub. Aircrack-ng subversion repository is synced on GitHub:
 +  * Various other small bug fixes.
 +**Version 1.1 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.0) - Released 24 April 2010:**
 +  * airdrop-ng: New tool by TheX1le.
 +  * airodump-ng, aircrack-ng, airdecap-ng, airbase-ng: Fixed buffer overflow in airodump-ng due to forged eapol frame.
 +  * aircrack-ng: Fixed multicast detection (WPA handshake detection).
 +  * airodump-ng: Added interaction (see wiki for the commands).
 +  * airodump-ng: Fixed client time in netxml file.
 +  * airtun-ng: Add WDS and bridge support.
 +  * airbase-ng: automatically set privacy bit to 1 if WPA or WPA2 is used (-Z or -z option).
 +  * airmon-ng: Updated iw URL for v0.9.19.
 +  * airdriver-ng: Fixed link for madwifi-ng.
 +  * aireplay-ng: Chopchop enhancement to not stop but wait on deauth packets.
 +  * tkiptun-ng: Fixed segfault.
 +  * wesside-ng: Fixed compilation bug with recent version of gcc.
 +  * cygwin: Compiling sqlite isn't necessary anymore, libsqlite3-devel package can be used.
 +  * osdep: Strict aliasing and x86_64 fix.
 +  * osdep: Add tap support for Darwin/OS X. Still require tuntaposx from sourceforge to work.
 +  * All: Fixed compilation on cygwin 1.7.
 +  * All: Fixed compilation on recent version of OSX.
 +  * manpages: Fixed aireplay-ng manpage for attack 0: not disassociation packets, deauth packets.
 +  * manpages: Added the keys for interaction in airodump-ng.
 +  * patches: Added regulatory domains override patches for atheros drivers (ath5k, ath9k and ar9170).
 +  * patches: Added 2.6.32 patch for r8187 driver (ieee80211).
 +  * Makefiles: Fixed make uninstall.
 **Version 1.0 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.0-rc4) - Released 08 September 2009:** **Version 1.0 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.0-rc4) - Released 08 September 2009:**
   * airserv-ng: Now works fine between 32 and 64bit OSes.   * airserv-ng: Now works fine between 32 and 64bit OSes.
Line 31: Line 432:
   * aircrack-ng, airdecap-ng, ivstools, airodump-ng, airbase-ng, aireplay-ng, airtun-ng, packetforge-ng, tkiptun-ng: Added support for PPI captures support (Thanks to dragorn).   * aircrack-ng, airdecap-ng, ivstools, airodump-ng, airbase-ng, aireplay-ng, airtun-ng, packetforge-ng, tkiptun-ng: Added support for PPI captures support (Thanks to dragorn).
   * airdecap-ng: Fixed segfault on some capture files.   * airdecap-ng: Fixed segfault on some capture files.
-  * wesside-ng, easside-ng: "ERROR: Packet length changed while transmitting (XX instead of YY)" should finaly be fixed.+  * wesside-ng, easside-ng: "ERROR: Packet length changed while transmitting (XX instead of YY)" should finally be fixed.
   * All: Added compatibility file for functions like cpu_to_le32. That should fix compilation on a lot of OSes.   * All: Added compatibility file for functions like cpu_to_le32. That should fix compilation on a lot of OSes.
   * All: Temporary fix to allow compilation with recent gcc (Error message: "dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules"). I hope it doesn't break anything. A cleaner fix will be applied later.   * All: Temporary fix to allow compilation with recent gcc (Error message: "dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules"). I hope it doesn't break anything. A cleaner fix will be applied later.
Line 88: Line 489:
   * airtun-ng: Fixed STP conversion.   * airtun-ng: Fixed STP conversion.
   * airolib-ng: Added sample database in test/ directory.   * airolib-ng: Added sample database in test/ directory.
-  * tkip-tun: New tool to inject on WPA1 with QoS enabled networks. Full description: decrypt packets comming from the AP in a TKIP network, which uses QoS (ieee802.11e). It also breaks the MIC Key for sending packets towards the Client correctly encrypted and signed. Stores plaintext packet and keystream in seperate files. +  * tkip-tun: New tool to inject on WPA1 with QoS enabled networks. Full description: decrypt packets coming from the AP in a TKIP network, which uses QoS (ieee802.11e). It also breaks the MIC Key for sending packets towards the Client correctly encrypted and signed. Stores plaintext packet and keystream in seperate files. 
-  * airbase-ng: Several improvments ( See ).+  * airbase-ng: Several improvements ( See [[|#466]] ).
   * airbase-ng: Added compatibility with some clients. added random source IPs and MACs for cfrag attack (-N) to evade simple flood protection.   * airbase-ng: Added compatibility with some clients. added random source IPs and MACs for cfrag attack (-N) to evade simple flood protection.
   * airmon-ng: Fixed some 'unary operator expected' errors.   * airmon-ng: Fixed some 'unary operator expected' errors.
Line 203: Line 604:
   * aircrack-ng: PTW: Starts a new process group   * aircrack-ng: PTW: Starts a new process group
   * aircrack-ng: Increased PTW key checking speed by 20%   * aircrack-ng: Increased PTW key checking speed by 20%
-  * aircrack-ng: Try 1000 40bit keys befor starting 104bit cracking, to get the key "instantly" without waiting for 104 bit to fail+  * aircrack-ng: Try 1000 40bit keys before starting 104bit cracking, to get the key "instantly" without waiting for 104 bit to fail
   * aircrack-ng: Fixed not shown ascii keys, when found key was shorter than expected   * aircrack-ng: Fixed not shown ascii keys, when found key was shorter than expected
   * aircrack-ng: Added visual inspection of the different keybytes (--visual-inspection).   * aircrack-ng: Added visual inspection of the different keybytes (--visual-inspection).
Line 219: Line 620:
   * aireplay-ng: Now works with rtc_cmos   * aireplay-ng: Now works with rtc_cmos
   * aireplay-ng: Added automatic channel changing in --test to AP channel   * aireplay-ng: Added automatic channel changing in --test to AP channel
-  * aireplay-ng: Added channel synchonisation for --test between cards+  * aireplay-ng: Added channel synchronization for --test between cards
   * aireplay-ng: Added possibility to limit injection test to one AP "-a" or "-e"   * aireplay-ng: Added possibility to limit injection test to one AP "-a" or "-e"
   * aireplay-ng: Added BSSID/ESSID detection, so it can be enough to specify one option   * aireplay-ng: Added BSSID/ESSID detection, so it can be enough to specify one option
Line 291: Line 692:
   *  aircrack-ng: Fixed: --help make aircrack-ng crash   *  aircrack-ng: Fixed: --help make aircrack-ng crash
   *  aircrack-ng: Added PTW attack (option: -z). It require full capture.   *  aircrack-ng: Added PTW attack (option: -z). It require full capture.
   *  airdecap-ng: now decrypt IEEE802.11 header with 802.11e header   *  airdecap-ng: now decrypt IEEE802.11 header with 802.11e header
   *  airmon-ng: Fixed orinoco card detection   *  airmon-ng: Fixed orinoco card detection
Line 392: Line 792:
   * airmon-ng: Should now works with 'ash' shell (Zaurus, OpenWRT, ...)   * airmon-ng: Should now works with 'ash' shell (Zaurus, OpenWRT, ...)
   * INSTALL: Added a note about warnings when compiling sources   * INSTALL: Added a note about warnings when compiling sources
-  * INSTALL: Added more informations about installing aircrack-ng on windows+  * INSTALL: Added more information about installing aircrack-ng on windows
   * updated spec file   * updated spec file
   * some other bugfixes   * some other bugfixes
Line 483: Line 883:
     * aireplay-ng: Madwifi-ng is now supported     * aireplay-ng: Madwifi-ng is now supported
     * airodump-ng: disabled GPS coordinates if connection to gpsd fail     * airodump-ng: disabled GPS coordinates if connection to gpsd fail
-    * airodump-ng: Battery informations fixed (hacked kismet code)+    * airodump-ng: Battery information fixed (hacked kismet code)
     * airodump-ng: Madwifi-ng is now supported     * airodump-ng: Madwifi-ng is now supported
-    * aircrack-ng: corrrected title (when cracking a key)+    * aircrack-ng: corrected title (when cracking a key)
     * aircrack-ng: uses by default all CPU for cracking (Debian bug report #352877)     * aircrack-ng: uses by default all CPU for cracking (Debian bug report #352877)
     * manpages: Fixed some errors (Debian bug report #356551)     * manpages: Fixed some errors (Debian bug report #356551)
Line 525: Line 925:
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-for the original [[changelog_aircrack|Aircrack Changelog]] +for the original [[changelog_aircrack|Aircrack Changelog]]
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