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Note: This page is about the ipw3945/ipwraw driver. For the new iwl3945 driver, see iwl3945.

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG WLAN (802.11a/b/g) Injection Walkthrough

I've tested this on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon - x86 architecture - 32 Bit, but I don't see why it shouldn't work on other OS's.

You need a Internet Connection with your LAN Cabel.

Open a Terminal and type…

Pre requirements

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev


  • Install the modules and ucode
  • Blacklist ipwraw (so it's not automatically loaded at boot time)
tar -xjf ipwraw-ng*
cd ipwraw-ng
sudo make install
sudo make install_ucode
echo "blacklist ipwraw" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ipwraw
sudo depmod -ae

Use ipwraw-ng

  • Unload the ipw3945 module
  • Load ipwraw-ng

The device created will automatically be in monitor mode.

sudo modprobe -r ipw3945
sudo modprobe ipwraw

The new device name for injection should should be called wifi0 and the monitor interface should be rtap0. iwconfig can be used to display the current wireless interfaces.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ iwconfig
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.

eth1      unassociated  ESSID:off/any 
          Mode:Monitor  Channel=11  Bit Rate=1 Mb/s

IMPORTANT before using airodump-ng you need to : # ifconfig wifi0 up

Configure your Wireless Card

You can use iwconfig to set the channel and rate and transfer power.

iwconfig eth1 channel 11 (on which you want to sniff)
iwconfig eth1 rate 1M (min=1M and max=54M)
iwconfig eth1 txpower 16 (min=-12 and max=16)

And when you're done,

sudo modprobe -r ipwraw
sudo modprobe ipw3945

At this point in time, this page is far from complete. In the interim, useful information will be included here. Also do a Forum Search for additional information.

Useful links:

Also consider using the Wifi-Way live CD instead.

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