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 +====== DEPRECATED ======
 +**IMPORTANT NOTE**: This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found [[install_drivers|here]]
 =====Installing===== =====Installing=====
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   make install   make install
-  modprobe rt73+  rmmod rt61pci 2>/dev/null 
 +  modprobe rt61 
 +You also need the following each time you want to use the device in monitor mode: 
 +   iwpriv <interface name> rfmontx 1 
 +For the above command, first make sure the interface is down.  You can bring the interface down with "ifconfig <interface name> down"
 +NOTE: This will download the Enhanced Legacy version of the driver. Recent kernels include the Next-Generation version of this driver (called rt61pci). The rt61pci driver is untested, but probably needs no patch besides the usual [[mac80211]] patches.
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