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-====== Chipsets ====== 
-Take a look at this web sites if you don't know which chipset is build-in your wireless adapter. It is importent to know because you have to take the right driver.  
-  * [[|Madwifi compatibility list]] 
-  * [[|Wireless Adapter Chipset Directory]] nearly the best resource for this kind of information 
-  * [[|Atheros chipsets based wireless 802.11a/b/g devices]] only Atheros-based cards 
-  * [[|WLAN Adapter Chipset Directory]] not up-to-date but still very useful 
-  * [[ |Atheros Communications Total 802.11 Product Search]] 
-  * [[|Hardware Comparison]] with a lot of details. 
-  * [[|Overview]] and details about wireless adapters 
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