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 ==== Aircrack-ng ==== ==== Aircrack-ng ====
-There are also informal "tutorials" in the [[|Forum]].  Just use the search function.  The [[user_docs|User Documentation]] has non-wiki tutorials.  As well, the [[install_drivers|Installing Drivers]] pages for each driver typically has some links to the relevant materials in the forum.+There are also informal "tutorials" in the [[|Forum]].  Just use the search function.
   * [[getting_started|Getting Started]]   * [[getting_started|Getting Started]]
   * [[patching|Tutorial: How To Patch Drivers]]   * [[patching|Tutorial: How To Patch Drivers]]
 +  * [[install_drivers|Installing Drivers]]
   * [[aircrack-ng_suite-under-windows_for_dummies|Aircrack-ng Suite under Windows for Dummies]]   * [[aircrack-ng_suite-under-windows_for_dummies|Aircrack-ng Suite under Windows for Dummies]]
   * [[newbie_guide|Linux Newbie Guide]]   * [[newbie_guide|Linux Newbie Guide]]
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