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I really thanks everyone who contributes and/or donates to aircrack-ng. Donations go towards the cost of hosting as well as hardware used to improve aircrack-ng. I would like to thank the following people who already donated (in no particular order):

  • Aaron Meier from Level 60 Design
  • Pedro Teixeira
  • Paul Woroshow from Expert Systems Resources inc.
  • Benoît Léger and Nicolas Chalanset from Stelau Conseil
  • Daniel Valdez
  • Roman Glebov
  • John Woods
  • Juan Alejandro Alvarez Jimenez
  • Rafael Ramos Saavedra
  • Antihaxer
  • Martin Burri
  • green-freq
  • Colin Grayson
  • Erez Saado
  • Michael Mantion
  • Jorge Collantes Velasco
  • José Ramón Rosillo Iniesta

Note: I don't indicate donation's contents in aim of equity because any donation of any kind is highly appreciated; that's what I think (if you want to show what you donated, you can, it's up to you ;)).

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