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 ====== ACX100/ACX111  ====== ====== ACX100/ACX111  ======
 +//Note: This page is about the older acx100/acx111 drivers. For the new mac80211-based driver, see [[acx1xx]].//
 +===== WARNING!!! =====
 +**There is legal controversy surrounding the development of this driver, see the wireless [[|mailing list]] for more information. See [[|kernel inclusion section]] for some background information on the previous attempt to include it in the mainline kernel. 
 +===== Driver Status  =====
 +This is a short report about acx driver. See [[|this thread]] for details.
 +There are 3 version of the driver:
 +- plain
 +- SoftMac
 +- mac80211
 +The current stable release of the "plain" driver is v0.3.36 (acx-20070101) and it works t works on kernels equal or greater than 2.6.10.
 +For kernel 2.6.21-22, a patch is needed:
 +The driver does not support WPA.
 +The driver can be patched for injection with the instructions below on this page.
 +The SoftMac version uses deprecated stack layer, it's not updated anymore.
 +The [[acx1xx|mac80211 version]] is still in beta. It requires a kernel equal or greater than 2.6.18 (with mac80211 support). Starting with 2.6.27, it will be integrated in the kernel.
 +From kernel 2.6.23 forward, an injection patch is already integrated in the mac80211 stack in the kernel mainline. For fragmentation attack support, an additional patch is required. See the [[mac80211]] page for more details.
 +All versions require a non-GPL firmware in /lib/firmware/, you can find it online.
 +Read more at:
 +===== Driver Installation  =====
 You need to use a kernel version>= 2.6.10: You need to use a kernel version>= 2.6.10:
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