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Line 617: Line 617:
   <​haxwithdroid>​ cok can be applied to any language   <​haxwithdroid>​ cok can be applied to any language
   <​maslen>​ Yes. And then they'​ll all look like PERL   <​maslen>​ Yes. And then they'​ll all look like PERL
 +Quote from only:
 +  <​only>​ hey folks, can I set an Alfa USB wifi into monitor mode on macOS?
 +  <​only>​ I have installed the drivers and see it as `en6`
 +  <​only>​ or do I absolutely need a Linux VM?
 +  <​Mister_X>​ only, you can capture with the internal card with wireshark
 +  <​Mister_X>​ there is no injection
 +  <​Mister_X>​ you can't use another card AFAIK
 +  <​Mister_X>​ if you want to use that USB card, you'll either need to boot into a live linux (or installed on your mac) or a VM
 +  ...
 +  <​only>​ Mister_X: so absolutely no workaround to this? :\
 +  <​Fishman>​ only: osx drivers are all closed source. ​ expect to never have monitor mode on them.
 +  <​Mister_X>​ only, yes, write a driver for it
 +  <​only>​ well, that's what I was thinking.. surely someone thought about running rtl8812au natively in os x
 +  <​Fishman>​ only: basically, no.
 +  ...
 +  # A few hours later:
 +  <​only>​ no, I mean, how do I access the interfrace from within the linux vm?
 +  <​only>​ on mac os
 +  <​only>​ hey folks, has anyone used an external wifi adapter in monitor mode on a Mac?
 +  <​Zero_Chaos>​ only: still not possible. ​ no one fixed it for you in the last 3 hours
 +  <​only>​ Zero_Chaos: fair enough
 +  * only has quit (Quit: Leaving...)
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