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Line 119: Line 119:
   GET /​dcrack/​worker/​net/​00:​14:​6C:​7E:​40:​80/​result?​pass=12345678 HTTP/1.1   GET /​dcrack/​worker/​net/​00:​14:​6C:​7E:​40:​80/​result?​pass=12345678 HTTP/1.1
 +When the key isn't found, the following request will be sent indicating that passphrase for BSSID **00:​14:​6C:​7E:​40:​80** wasn't found using the wordlist that has the SHA1 of **1a15d1f10377829ead1fee8299f83f14d539f1e1** and going through lines **0** to **233**:
 +  GET /​dcrack/​worker/​net/​00:​14:​6C:​7E:​40:​80/​result?​wl=1a15d1f10377829ead1fee8299f83f14d539f1e1&​start=0&​end=233&​found=0 HTTP/1.1
 ==== User ==== ==== User ====
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