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 +=== Macbook Notes ===
 +**WORK IN PROGRESS 18th March 2012**
 +It's possible to use certain drivers under linux on a Macbook in order to inject in monitor mode, allowing for much wider greater usage of aircrack-ng.
 +This was tested on a Unibody Macbook, Mid-2010. That's Model Identifier (go to apple menu -> about this mac -> more info -> system report) of **Macbook 7,1**. The linux distro used was Ubuntu 11.04.
 +After getting having set up the ubuntu install, the card was automatically using the Broadcom STA open source drivers, which work great but don't support injection.
 +Check the chipset: this worked fine on a card with PCI ID of **14e4:4353**. This can be found with: <code>lspci | grep 14e4</code>
 +Look up your chipset on [[|this page]]: if it says you can use b43, you're in luck!
 +I then downloaded and installed compat-wireless. There are already great instructions on their website, so head to [[|this page]].
 +Once that's installed, you'll need to manually install the b43 drivers as we have to compile it with a particular flag telling the system to use this instead of the STA drivers.
 +You'll need to do: <code>make B43_BCMA_EXTRA='y'; sudo make install</code>
 +You'll then have to extract the right firmware for b43 and install that: check [[|these instructions]] for source installation.
 +Then you'll have to blacklist the old drivers (you can just blacklist **find me**), and either reboot for simplicity, or unload and reload the modules. Now check **lsmod**: if it's all worked properly, you should see **b43** listed in there, and your wifi card should be working!
 +Go have fun with aircrack!
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