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 +====== DEPRECATED ======
 +**IMPORTANT NOTE**: This page is deprecated, updated documentation can be found [[install_drivers|here]]
 ====== rt2570 ====== ====== rt2570 ======
-You need at least the [[|rt2570 v1.1.0-b2]] or the [[http://​​rt2570-cvs-daily.tar.gz|CVS version]].\\ +It is highly recommended to use a enhanced and patched driver from [[]] instead of [[http://​|serialmonkey]] drivers.
-But you should better use a specially patched one from [[http://​​~p_larbig/​wlan/​]].+
   ifconfig rausb0 down   ifconfig rausb0 down
   rmmod rt2570   rmmod rt2570
-  wget http://​​~p_larbig/​wlan/​rt2570-k2wrlz-1.4.0.tar.bz2 +  wget http://​​~p_larbig/​wlan/​rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.3.tar.bz2 
-  tar -xvjf rt2570-k2wrlz-1.4.0.tar.bz2 +  tar -xvjf rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.3.tar.bz2 
-  cd rt2570-k2wrlz-1.4.0/Module+  cd rt2570-k2wrlz-1.6.3/Module
   make && make install   make && make install
   modprobe rt2570   modprobe rt2570
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 Make sure to load the driver with modprobe (not insmod). Make sure to load the driver with modprobe (not insmod).
 +===== Troubleshooting Tips =====
 +Make sure you have the newest version 1.6.3 installed. It has fixes for the new kernel version 2.6.27.
 +Note that this driver currently does not work on big endian systems, such as the PowerPC. Attempting to run "​ifconfig rausb0 up" will cause ifconfig to use 100% CPU power, bringing your system to a crawl and never actually working.
 +There are reports of the aircrack-ng tools freezing and/or stop working.
 +Here are a few things to try:
 +  * Try lowering injection rate
 +  * Disable USB Legacy support in BIOS
 +  * Use the newest kernel you can get
 +  * Try to use a non SMP version of your kernel
 +  * If the hardware totally loses its function: Use the oven method to get it back to life: http://​​index.php?​topic=233.msg6371#​msg6371
 +===== When to use this driver? =====
 +See this [[http://​​index.php?​topic=2306.msg12907#​msg12907|message]].
 +If you have a Ralink chip in an USB device and that chip is a RT2570 or RT73 (RT73 is also known as RT2571 and RT2573), you need the "​rt2570"​ or "​rt73"​ driver. The "​rt2500"​ driver is only for PCI/PCMCIA devices.
 +Using legacy drivers (or ASPj mods) interface name is ra0 for PCI/PCMCIA and rausb0 for USB devices, if you have wlan0 and wmaster0 interfaces, then you are using new rt2x00 driver (rt2x00 has various modules, for USB devices they are "​rt2x00lib",​ "​rt2x00usb"​ and "​rt2500usb",​ unload them and load "​rt2570"​ if you want to use the other driver).
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