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 ^Date^Title^Content^ ^Date^Title^Content^
-^9 Aug 2017|Blog post: lesser known features of Aircrack-ng: interactive mode and keys|In [[https://​​2017/​08/lesser-known-feature-of-aircrack-ng.html|this blog post]], ​we discuss another lesser known features of Aircrack-nginteractive mode and keys in airodump-ng.| +^16 Oct 2017|Blog post: KRACK WPA Vulnerability ​Key Reinstallation AttaCK|In [[https://​​2017/​10/krack-wpa-vulnerability-key.html|this blog post]], ​the new KRACK vulnerability is explaineda brief summary, who's affected, what to do and links to resources related to the vulnerability. \\ \\ TL;DR: Another day, another vulnerability,​ just patch your systems. It allows decryption of traffic but does not disclose the WPA key.| 
-^27 Mar 2017|Blog post: lesser known features of Aircrack-ng|In [[https://​​2017/​03/less-known-features-of-aircrack-ng.html|this blog post]], we discuss ​some lesser known features of Aircrack-ng such as reading compressed wordlistsrainbow tables ​and distributed cracking.|+^16 Aug 2017|Blog post: On drivers, rtl8812au, WN722N, monitor mode, QCA6174, other news ...|In [[https://​​2017/​08/on-drivers-rtl8812au-wn722n-monitor.html|this blog post]], we answer ​some common questions regarding various topics: using driversdriver development,​ embedded chipsets, 802.11n/ac capture/​injection,​ a few different current chipsets/​drivers (rtl8812au, ath9k_htc, QCA6174), linux-backports (aka compat-wireless) ​and some other good news.|
 [[morenews|More news...]] [[morenews|More news...]]
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 ===== Current version ===== ===== Current version =====
-Latest version: 1.2 RC 3+Latest version: 1.2 RC 4
-  * [[http://​​aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[http://​​|Driver patches]])+  * [[http://​​aircrack-ng-1.2-rc4.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[http://​​|Driver patches]])
 ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\ ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\
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