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   * Cracking: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2).   * Cracking: WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2).
 +We also maintain patches for: 
 +  * Packet injection for Linux drivers 
 +  * HostAPd and Freeradius, called WPE (Wireless Pawn Edition) patches, to attack WPA Enterprise.
 ====== Tell me more about Aircrack-ng ====== ====== Tell me more about Aircrack-ng ======
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 ^Date^Title^Content^ ^Date^Title^Content^
-^15 Feb 16|Aircrack-ng compilation matrices|I tried to compile Aircrack-ng on a '​few'​ systems and different CPUs to see how it works and I was quite surprised by the amount of systems it can be compiled on (and most of the time, it can be compiled with both gcc and clang). \\ \\ [[http://​​2016/02/aircrack-ng-compilation-matrix.html|More details (matrices)]] in the blog.| +^16 Oct 2017|Blog post: KRACK WPA Vulnerability ​Key Reinstallation AttaCK|In [[https://​​2017/10/krack-wpa-vulnerability-key.html|this blog post]]the new KRACK vulnerability is explained: a brief summarywho's affectedwhat to do and links to resources related ​to the vulnerability. \\ \\ TL;DR: Another dayanother vulnerability,​ just patch your systems. It allows decryption of traffic ​but does not disclose the WPA key.| 
-^14 Feb 16|Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 4|Fourth release candidate. There will be another one, some small bugs still need to be fixed but it should happen fairly soon. On top of a [[http://​​2015/​12/​cracking-speed-improvements.html|big speed increase]] (up to 175% increase) that also fixes compilation on Cygwin 64 bit, it includes ​ton of fixes and improvements on Linux*BSDSolaris and Cygwin on x86 and Linux on ARM and MIPS.| +^16 Aug 2017|Blog postOn drivers, rtl8812au, WN722N, monitor mode, QCA6174, other news ...|In [[https://​​2017/08/on-drivers-rtl8812au-wn722n-monitor.html|this blog post]], we answer some common questions regarding various topicsusing drivers, driver development,​ embedded chipsets, 802.11n/ac capture/injection, a few different current chipsets/drivers (rtl8812au, ath9k_htc, QCA6174), linux-backports (aka compat-wireless) and some other good news.|
-^30 Dec 15|Cracking speed improvements|I recently put a bug bounty for anybody who can [[http://​​ticket/​1128|fix compilation on cygwin 64 bit]]. darkfires took up the challenge and fixed it. But he did a lot more than that and started fixing some other bugs and decided ​to bring Aircrack-ng up to date with current CPU and take advantages of AVX and AVX2 instructions ​to improve cracking speeds (up to 175% increase on Intel Skylake CPUs).\\ \\ This was quite a challenge, but it got finally integrated into our subversion repository in [[​changeset/​2800|r2800]]. You can read more about it in the [[http://​​2015/12/cracking-speed-improvements.html|blog]]. Please test it and send us feedback via the [[|forum]].|+
-[[morenews|More news...]] ​+[[morenews|More news...]]
 ====== Download ====== ====== Download ======
 ===== Current version ===== ===== Current version =====
-Latest version: 1.2 RC 3+Latest version: 1.2 RC 4
-  * [[http://​​aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[http://​​|Driver patches]])+  * [[http://​​aircrack-ng-1.2-rc4.tar.gz|Linux]] ([[http://​​|Driver patches]])
 ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\ ** IMPORTANT ** Information Regarding Windows Version ** IMPORTANT **\\
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