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 ===== Linux/BSD/OSX ===== ===== Linux/BSD/OSX =====
-Open your package manager and install 'Aircrack-ng' packageBe sure to check that the version offered is up-to-date -- it often isn't.+With the exception of Linux penetration testing distributions, packages are usually out of date (OS X is the exception)In this case, uninstalling the package and installing from sources is the recommended way to go.
-On OSX, install it is via [[|Macports]]. Simply do "sudo port install aircrack-ng".+We offer packages for a number of Linux distributions in 64 bit thanks to [[|]] so you can use your distro's package manager to install and keep Aircrack-ng up to date: 
 +  * Debian 
 +  * Ubuntu 
 +  * Mint 
 +  * SLES 
 +  * OpenSuse 
 +  * Fedora 
 +  * RHEL 
 +  * CentOS 
 +  * Amazon Linux 
 +  * Elementary OS 
 +While most folks want to use our "[[|release]]" packages, "[[|git]]" packages are available too for those who decide to use bleeding edge. 
 +More details about them can be found in our [[|blog post]]. 
 +On OSX, install it is via [[|Macports]] or [[|brew]]. Simply do "brew install aircrack-ng" or "sudo ports install aircrack-ng"
 ===== Windows ===== ===== Windows =====
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